Our Sister Phoebe, a Deacon

Theological musings inspired by the Spirit and totally Ellen…

The Deacon

I was ordained to the sacred order of Deacons on December 7, 2002, by the Rt. Rev. William E. Swing, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of California.  It was a rainy morning but the sun came out just as the procession into the cathedral started out.

I studied for three years at The Episcopal School for Deacons, which is located at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific site on ‘Holy Hill’ in Berkeley, California, having been sponsored by St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Berkeley, and raised up for ordained ministry.  Bishop Swing sent me back to St. Mark’s, where I served for nine years as the parish deacon.  The ministry Christ entrusted to me was varied and interesting.  I was chaplain to the lay liturgical guilds, the eucharistic visitors and I did a fair amount of pastoral care in and out of the parish.  For three years I was the drop in chaplain at the North County Emergency Women’s Shelter, and for three years I was an emergency department chaplain at Kaiser Foundation Hospital, in Oakland. 

While at St. Mark’s, I assisted with liturgies, preached, officiated at Evening Prayer services, led the prayer shawl ministry and was clergy support for the Lydia Group, a women’s support group and network and wrote a column for the parish newsletter.

I am now assigned to the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Berkeley, where I will be doing much of the same, but some things differently.  I’ll be teaching a church history class for people seeking baptism, confirmation or reception into the church  and leading a contemplative prayer group, in addition to the traditional liturgical and pastoral work.

For more on the diaconate, click on “About Phoebe.”

When I’m not in church, I work as a legal secretary to pay the bills and enjoy the company of my two youngest children, both grown men now.  I’m a published author and once in a while, I sleep.

Hmmmm, Mr. President seems a little wooden here…


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