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It Was What it Was…

The media, as it always does, put taglines on the horrific event of Friday, July 20th.  The alleged suspect is now “The Dark Knight Shooter.”  The shooting in the theatre is now “The Batman Massacre.”

Let’s just call it what it was.


Let’s not romanticize it, or make it glamorous by giving it comic-book titles.

12 people died on Friday, more were injured.  Families, friends, everyone in that theatre will be affected by this for years to come.

The media will continue to report this story as more information is revealed, as we discover who James was and why he did it, as we are witnesses to news tape of funerals and hospital homecomings.  Why someone let him into the theatre by the side door.  Other news organizations will try to find a ‘local angle’ to the murders.

Are there such things?  Why?  Last night a local news station showed us a story of two local girls and their mother who were in the theatre next door and how somone near them was hit by a bullet that came through the wall.  Was that necessary?

The act was despicable and that’s enough.  Let justice be done.  Let the suspect come to trial.

First, let us pray for all those affected by the shootings and pray that when our leaders decry the violence and say let there be an end to it, that they actually do something about it.  This time.  So there won’t be a next time.

Pax et bonum.





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