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99 + 1 = All of Us in a Holy Week, A Holy Life of Right Action

There is a wonderful blog entry making its way around Facebook. The author is David R. Henson and it is entitled “Protesting Holy Week.” Henson encourages and dares us to not just sit silently and adoring Christ in a pew this holy week, but to walk the walk and talk the talk. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and it is said on the very day and at the same time as the Roman prelate entered Jerusalem by a different gate with his armed cohort. Jesus’ followers were armed with palm fronds and hosannas. Later he trashed the Temple and upset the local economy, he healed, he taught, and later became a sacrifice. What can each of us do to live our holy week like that? What do we have within ourselves to emulate the extraordinary works of solidarity and humanity and more importantly, of love, that Jesus of Nazareth performed in that incredible last week.

Friends, don’t stand in place in the pews and feebly wave that palm, tomorrow morning; do something revolutionary. Do something that will help another person in some way. In taking that right action you will be taking a step in living out the mandate to love one another as Jesus loved and loves us.

Go in peace boldly, my sisters and brothers, go with conviction, go in the face of convention, to love and serve one another as the Lord serves us!

E+, Deacon

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