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There is Life After Christmas…

Today is the third day of Christmas, a season the retailers would have you think starts in October and ends December 24th, but throughout the centuries, Christmas began on the feast of the Nativity and was celebrated for twelve days – the last day, the twelfth night, being the feast of the Epiphany when Christians traditionally celebrate the arrival of the three wise men to the place where the Holy Family resided after Jesus of Nazareth’s birth and when gifting of presents to one another in remembrance of the gifts of the Magi to the Christ Child, originally began.

What more can be said of a holiday that everyone knows, many celebrate, and for many, is held sacred and dear?

Christmas decorations are being pulled down, trees are kicked to the curb, and SALE signs replace gawdy displays in storefront windows; carols are forgotten until next year.

Now is the time to sing those carols!  Now is the time to ponder anew on the birth of a child that would become one of the greatest and yet unknown men in humanity’s history.  Now should we light the candles and raise cups, cherish our time with loved ones.  The greatest gift has been given to us in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, and we in turn, can offer this gift to others as witness to a faith that ever changes with new possibilities and strengths, even in those times when we think faith is not there.

Every year at this time I remember back to my childhood and how I called the time after Christmas the ‘dark time.’  All of the peace on earth and good will towards all seemed to get kicked to that curb with the trees stripped of tinsel and lights, baubles.  The smiles and cheerful exchanges of “Merry Christmas!” and “Happy Holidays!” have dissolved.

This time after Christmas and through January seemed so dark to me.

But how wrong I’ve been!

There is light and something bright and new in the world and it comes every year at this time.

The birth of Christ reminds us that from humble beginnings and a small child will come great love and salvation.  Shouldn’t that be something to smile about?  Something to look forward to every day?

How wonderful it would be if we could just learn to keep Christmas in our hearts all year ’round – the darkness and disappointment would be nothing.

Merry Christmas!




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