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Theological musings inspired by the Spirit and totally Ellen…

Separating Fiction from Fact…

My sisters and my brother and I were blessed to inherit our parents’ talents.  Each of us has artistic ability in some capacity.  We all can sing, we play musical instruments and are bright.  I discovered at an early age that I like to and can write.  Little did I know that it would give me such pleasure and heartbreak.

What I’ve written – four novels – are works of fiction.  Some of my own life and experiences have inspired my writing and the story lines.  Writers write what they know.

Imagine my surprise when I received e-mails from a ‘fan’ who thought that as a clergywoman I should not be writing about adultery, sex, betrayal, heartbreak and that I was perpetuating lies.

I wonder if this critic knows that those very subjects are in the Bible.  No, dear friends, not the Epistles allegedly written by Paul, but the Hebrew Scripture and the Christian Scripture.

What I thought was a spirited exchange of ideologies and theologies became a personal attack on me.  I did what a rational personal would do.  I walked away and now I will pray for this person for clarity of mind and heart.

But I won’t stop writing or speaking out on behalf of the poor and disenfranchised of our communities or reaching out to them.





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