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Good Bye Also Means I Love You…

On Tuesday evening, August 16, I tendered my resignation as deacon to the Vestry and Wardens of the parish of St. Mark’s Berkeley. Sunday, November 6th, will be my last Sunday with the parish. I will be taking an extended sabbatical after that.
This decision was not made rashly, nor unadvisedly, nor without pain and tears. The Archdeacon for the East Bay has been working with me on this for several months. I discussed this at length with Celia, Carlos and Nicolas. We decided this was something I needed to do. I had the final decision.
I was asked to reconsider, but I’m being pulled in a different direction and need to be somewhere else – where that will be, I don’t know yet. Father Michael is exactly what this parish needs right now and now I feel that I can go, knowing the parish has a true and loving shepherd.
I have been a member of Saint Mark’s since 1995, baptised here and called to ordained ministry by the congregation. For nine years I’ve been its sole parish deacon and that was undertaken with much joy, pride and willingness. But now, there’s a shift happening, and I need to take care of myself and reclaim my spirituality and joy, spend time with my family; hear what the Spirit and Christ are whispering about the ministry Christ entrusted to me the morning of my ordination. I need to move on, but first I need to be Ellen again – the Ellen that Christ ordained.
So. It’s time for me to go. You are my family, you are my friends. I love you and I will not let go of you, I will stay in touch, and you will remain in my prayers as I give thanks for each and every one of you daily.

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