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>Coming in from the Desert

>Sabbatical ended and I returned to St. Mark’s. I didn’t wander far during the 4.5 months I was gone – that was impossible, having been laid off work right as sabbatical started. I spent time resting and praying – and looking for work.

So what did revelations came to me?

To be receptive, open. Just as the theme in this morning’s gospel was “Be open.” Jesus heals the sick daughter of a gentile woman, a Syrophoenician, and heals a deaf mute. “Be open,” he says to the man.

To us, he says, be open – with the heart and mind. Take chances, just as the woman did. She was a stranger in the community but her faith made her go to Jesus. She knew that he could heal her daughter if he wanted to, because she believed that to be so.

Openess begins with ignoring petty differences and jealousies, childish behavior. I write that because I witnessed and experienced this today. And I let go of it, and let it go – said a prayer instead.

Openess is being willing to love unconditionally and believing wholeheartedly.

How will you be open this week?

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