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Theological musings inspired by the Spirit and totally Ellen…

>Excuse me, but get in my way . . .

>So it’s at least 75-80 degrees still in Washington DC and it’s 6:30 p.m. There really isn’t an inch of seating left in Shiloh Baptist Church at 9th and P Streets – the place to be. Tonight is the opening of the Mobilization to End Poverty Conference and I’ve never been in a room so charged with energy and the holy spirit. I thought the place was going to explode when Rev. Ferguson stood up and witnessed his life of struggle and redemption. If there is any proof that a loving God exists and works through us, it is in Rev. Ferguson, who as a young man was incarcerated but turned his life around thanks to the Holy Spirit. And then Rep. John Lewis preached eloquently and passionately. We’ve got to find a way to get in the way. It’s time for us to do something about ending poverty.

Another comment heard tonight from another speaker was that God is not outside Hell pulling people in, but standing outside pulling people out. Rep. Lewis asked why the government could bail out Wall Street but not Main Street.

So many people in that warm, crowded church, but so much powerful faith, too. This is the faith that truly can move mountains and bring positive, equitable change.

It used to be that we were safer staying out of the way of challenges, adversity, discord – now it’s in our best interest to get in the way of those who will not live out the Gospel and help their fellow brothers and sisters build new and better lives for themselves and their families, for all us for that matter.

Go in peace.

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