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>The Deacon Has Landed

>Okay, yes I WAS scared to death and almost in tears getting on that plane this morning, but here I am in Washington DC at my friend Rebecca’s lovely brownstone, in an attic bedroom with a friendly tabby named Gabriel – Julian, you have competition for my heart!

The flight gave me an opportunity for evangelism. When people chatted about their destinations and I mentioned the conference, heads nodded and a few said, “Wow!” Comments like “If they (the government) can bail out the banks, auto companies, what about helping people feed their kids, pay the rent?” went around.

It’s a larger than life issue and the answers won’t come easy, but that’s why we’re meeting – to find scripture-based answers to the problem.

I’m still on California time, though it’s 11:49 p.m. here, and that would be way past my bed time. But I can’t sleep for the excitement of being in Washington DC for the first time – I saw the Capitol lit up as we drove into the city and I got chills. If anything good can come out of Washington DC it will be people getting together and working for a solution that will benefit everyone. Isn’t that a great way of living out the Gospel?

Back to the flight – I sat by a window – the best way to get over fear is to confront it – and stared down at the landscape when it wasn’t covered by clouds and fog. It was one incredible way to admire God’s creation. I can’t tell you how excited I was to see the great Mississippi River snaking through states. The man sitting next to me teased and said I needed to get out more often. That’s as may be, but it really showed me what a small place I take up in Creation, and even though I am not as grand as a mighty river, or as majestic as the mountains and canyons I saw from the plane, I have a place and I have work to do. We all do.

Go in peace,


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