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>Ending Poverty – One Step at a Time

>In three hours I’ll be leaving Oakland Airport for Washington, DC. I haven’t flown in 18 years and I’ve never been a fan of the mode of transportation, but I felt this conference, The Mobilization to End Poverty, was important enough to suck up the fear and loathing and just go – just go and join my diocesan colleagues and sisters, Shari, Linda and Salying, and thousands of other people of like mind to get together and figure out how we can end this epidemic of poverty in this, the most wealthy nation, and throughout the world. Day One is Sunday evening. Before the conference, I’ll sightseeing and serving at St. Paul’s Rock Creek – including a visit to their historic cemetery – on Sunday morning.

So pray with and for me on this trip, and when I get back, we can work together to turn things around. We already said, “Yes we can,” now we have to show that words have action behind them.

Go in peace, dear ones!


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