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>If You Can’t Find Good News, Make It

>I don’t know about you, but last Sunday’s gospel scripture was sick and twisted. Jesus, aware that the Pharisees and Scribes are within earshot, offers up a parable about a crooked employee who tries to get in good with others so he can sustained his way of life when the employer fires him for mismanagement. He gets the employer’s tenants to cut their bills by substantial amounts and “cooks the books.” The employer is impressed, and if you gloss over the text, you get the feeling that Jesus is, too.

Frankly, I don’t think Jesus really condoned such nasty behavior. Perhaps he was impressed by the employee’s use of foresight and the clarity of his actions. He tells his disciples, then, and now, that we ought to use the same when considering our possessions and how we might best use them for the advantage of all.

Jesus goes on to say that one cannot serve two masters; we have to choose between God and wealth. I can’t help feeling that each one of us is struggling with that problem of 21st century life. How do we honor God and live out the Gospel when we’re crammed into cubicles with our eyes glued to a monitor and our ears stuck to phone receivers from nine to five?

Here’s an idea – use what you have wisely and with stewardship of Creation in mind. You cannot serve God and wealth, but you can serve God with your wealth to make the world we live in more comfortable and more affordable, a place where we can all serve as best we can and live out the new commandment to love one another and let it happen for everyone who reaches out.

Go in peace to love and serve the Lord,


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