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>Ministry in God’s Own Time

>I’ve been wondering about the myth of the “Super Mom” lately. I also have been wondering if the person who started the trend was a working mother or knew one.

I have resigned my tights and cape, the color coordinated boots, and no longer am a member of the League of So-Called Super Heroes, choosing instead to take life one crisis or event at a time, to open my eyes and heart to other possibilities and ways of being a complete person.

What! You cry; how selfish! What about the kids’ soccer games, the piano lessons, the pencilled-in play dates, ferrying the tykes around from after school appointment to after school appointment? What about writing that proposal? Getting that brief proof read? Making that conference call, all while cooking a three course meal – following the receipe from Martha Stewart Living, of course?

What about it?

That’s not me, that’s not my life. My children have never been scheduled, programmed or ferried about. And I don’t believe they have suffered for it. They are sensitive, loving and imaginative people – the kind I would have as my friends.

The necessity to have an income has forced me to keep a secular job and around the family and the job I have tried to undertake the ministry God has entrusted to me at this time. I’ve found it near impossible to do.

Yet, I haven’t given up.

It came to me right before I fell asleep last night that my problem was a human one – I was thinking of ministry in chronos, rather than kairos. Now I am in another phase of discernment; how best to undertake ministry while pinned down to a desk job from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; how to undertake ministry and still take time for parent/teacher conferences, school events, and the most important, family time, and yes, time for myself.

I’m going to experiment with a ministry in God’s own time: find ways to offer my time and talent to God in the service of others and still keep that desk job that pays the rent and buys the groceries.

I’ve taken the first step – I’ve written this to you; I’ve told you that I can’t do everything, but I still am compelled to serve the people of God for God. There is good news here – God can be a part of any working person’s life, a whole and complete part, not a pencilled-in appointment in a datebook.

Watch this space as I share with you what is revealled to me through scripture and prayer, spiritual revelations.

Go in peace, to love and serve the Lord,


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