Our Sister Phoebe, a Deacon

Theological musings inspired by the Spirit and totally Ellen…

Peace be with You!

So goes the greeting Jesus of Nazareth offered to his disciples after the resurrection, and so I offer it to you.

Welcome to this site where you will find another layer to Ellen – the Ellen that is always right below the first layer of skin, the deacon.

At this site I share my theological musings and the sermons offered from the pulpits of Good Shepherd Episcopal Church-Berkeley, and in the past, St. Mark’s Berkeley.

For the past ten years, I’ve been preaching at Sunday services and at some holidays. Here is the collection for you to read, mark, and inwardly digest. You’ll see that I take as my text the Gospel exclusively, sometimes I find a way to make the Hebrew and Christian texts fit together and actually succeed!

Comments are welcome, as I know that no one hears the Word in precisely the same way as each other. What may inspire me may set you off on a tear. But thank goodness for that, right? We are equal but different.

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